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Bo's Story

Archive for June, 2011

Super, Fantastic Weekend!

The real Bo is starting to show his true colors again! I have been greeted at the door for the past 5 days, which just melts my heart. This past weekend was wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of it. My sister came in to town Friday night and came by with my cousin to […]

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Test Results Are In…

I went in to the vet today to pick up some more of the magic canned food that gets Bo to eat and they told me that they received the test results from the University of Florida. This is my interpretation in layman’s terms: The cancerous mass has been diagnosed as osteosarcoma. All cancerous tumors […]

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Week 2 Post-Surgery

Unfortunately, Week 2 post-surgery did not go as smoothly as Week 1. Bo would not eat or drink anything and he was very unresponsive. He would not even pick his head up when we came into the room. I started using a dropper to squirt some water into his mouth to try to keep him […]

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Bo’s surgery was on May 31st, 2011. I am a substitute teacher, and I subbed in the sweetest 1st grade class that day. I came home with many sweet notes and pictures. Those little ones really helped keep my mind off of the happenings that day. The doctor called us when she got out of […]

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Bo’s Birthday-5/25/11

We got an appointment with a new vet for a second opinion. I had forgotten it was Bo’s birthday, until I started writing the dates on all of the paperwork. I had taken him in by myself…thinking that we would be leaving with him in a cast or some new medicine. Bo and I waited […]

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Bo started slightly limping around the beginning of April. It was difficult to tell at first, but we eventually discovered that it was his front, left leg. After reading some information online, we thought that Bo may have just injured himself by playing rowdy in the yard. We put him on an aspirin regimen with […]

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Getting Started…

The past few months have been an emotional roller coaster. Our 100 lb., crazy, energetic, sweet,  yellow Lab, Bo, has been diagnosed with bone cancer. The road to diagnosis was stressful in it of itself and post-diagnosis hasn’t been a cake walk either. I am feeling the need to document Bo’s story thus far, mostly […]

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