Don’t Send a Tripawd to do a Monkeycat’s job…

Monkeycat Belle here…reporting for duty.

Angel Bo gave me special directions before he left about how to take care of our pawrents. I’ve been doing a pretty good job at it too. He also gave me a heads up about this Barney guy…that it is my job to KILL him! Bo chewed him up pretty good, but he’s still sitting around here smiling and being all Barney smug.

First, Dad can’t get enough pictures of Bo and then this stinky Barney comes along and he gets all the attention. I’ve had it…it’s MY turn!! I pushed him off of that chair during his photo shoot. That’ll teach him!

Well, Barney got a little banged up, but geeeesh, that purple guy is still smiling. I decided to think of something a little trickier. I put out some Barney bait and led it to my Monkeycat Stair Palace. All I had to do was sit there and wait for that Barney to catch on to the trail. Here Barney, Barney…..

I had a KillBarney trap waiting when he approached my Palace. Wham, bam, zzzzziippp…GOT HIM!!!! Yep, me, Monkeycat Belle, got that Barney all tied up!!!


I had him hanging real good when Mom came in and said…”Belle! What are you doing? He can’t breathe…he’s turning purple!” She saved him from my trap and gave him a special spot to chill out of my reach. She said to be nice to him; that he’s only visiting and will be leaving soon. Hmmm…GOOD! He’s going to need a long trip to recuperate from from the whoopin’ I gave him.


All in a Monkeycat’s day of work…. 🙂 Meow.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Send a Tripawd to do a Monkeycat’s job…”

  1. Good job, Belle! You are one devious Monkeycat! And, yeah, that smug face on Barney is SOOOO annoying.

    Keep taking good care of your pawrents!
    kisses … hmmm, i never kissed a cat before…

  2. Big Meoooooooooow Shoutout to you Monkeycat Belle! …………..OH WAIT! NO, NO, NO Belle! Barney is on our side! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I amost forget! …..OH WAIT, it’s a trick, isn’t MC Belle? You are fooling the Tripawds into a false sense of being on their side?

    Good. Way to play it!

    -monkeybutt-bunny vampire pirate

  3. Wow! Did the other monkeycats show you how to do this stuff or did you come equipped? Just what we need. One more monkeybutt. (Don’t tell anyone ’cause I’ll deny it but any pal of Bo’s is a pal of mine.)

    Love, Dakota

  4. Something smells fishy here, and I don’t think it’s Barney… Monkeydogs (and cats) LOVE Barney. And yet here is a self-professed Monkeycat whupping Barney’s purple butt. Either, kitty has doctored the photos, or she’s really a Tripawd in disguise.


  5. Belle! I didnt know we had another Monkeycat! I am sorry you lost your buddy Bo. Im glad to see you gave Barney a proper whopping in his honor.

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