Shhhh….Monkeycat Belle here….Mom doesn’t know that I am on the computer.

Mom is walking around the house saying, “Oh no! I can’t believe I didn’t know about Barney and the Monkeybutt’s!” Well, little does Mom know that Barney and I are actually on the same team. We were just making sure Mom thought we were following Bo’s rules…. But, really, we were testing a new Tripawd trap!!!

Guess we had you all fooled!!! I am awesome at being a crazy, sneaky Monkeycat!!!

Don’t Send a Tripawd to do a Monkeycat’s job…

Monkeycat Belle here…reporting for duty.

Angel Bo gave me special directions before he left about how to take care of our pawrents. I’ve been doing a pretty good job at it too. He also gave me a heads up about this Barney guy…that it is my job to KILL him! Bo chewed him up pretty good, but he’s still sitting around here smiling and being all Barney smug.

First, Dad can’t get enough pictures of Bo and then this stinky Barney comes along and he gets all the attention. I’ve had it…it’s MY turn!! I pushed him off of that chair during his photo shoot. That’ll teach him!

Well, Barney got a little banged up, but geeeesh, that purple guy is still smiling. I decided to think of something a little trickier. I put out some Barney bait and led it to my Monkeycat Stair Palace. All I had to do was sit there and wait for that Barney to catch on to the trail. Here Barney, Barney…..

I had a KillBarney trap waiting when he approached my Palace. Wham, bam, zzzzziippp…GOT HIM!!!! Yep, me, Monkeycat Belle, got that Barney all tied up!!!


I had him hanging real good when Mom came in and said…”Belle! What are you doing? He can’t breathe…he’s turning purple!” She saved him from my trap and gave him a special spot to chill out of my reach. She said to be nice to him; that he’s only visiting and will be leaving soon. Hmmm…GOOD! He’s going to need a long trip to recuperate from from the whoopin’ I gave him.


All in a Monkeycat’s day of work…. 🙂 Meow.


Barney Comes to Visit

Angel Bo here…

My bud Chili Dawg sent stinky Barney to me to see if I could teach him a lesson. Well, before I got my paws on him, Mom had him sitting on the counter so she could read the rules…what was she thinking?! There are no rules with Barney…except to KILL him!!! Also, I guess Dad had to get the camera ready for some pictures. I was a celebrity around there…always with a camera in my face!

FINALLY, Mom said, “We’re ready! Let’s go kill Barney!” I had been real tired, but man, the sight and smell of that Barney perked me up. We went outside and Barney got to feel the wrath of a Tripawd hero!!

Barney tasted great!! Although, the tasty grass was a little distracting…

Monkeycat Belle and I had a long chat…about lots of things…life and taking care of our pawrents. We did have a little convo about that purple beast, too. So, Barney…my final words to you are…I may be gone, but watch out because Monkeycat Belle wants to get you!!!


Angel Bo