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Bo's Story

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Has it really been a YEAR?

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Let me start by saying that it has been faaaar toooo long since I updated Bo’s blog. Since Bo died a year ago, I have become sort of a silent member. I apologize for that. Please know that I check the Tripawds forums every day. I’ve […]

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Bo’s Conch Shell

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Before Bo got sick, he was a wild, crazy, silly boy. I want to start writing about some of the fun, happy memories we’ve had with Bo. Quite a while ago, I told Admin about Bo’s conch shell and I promised to post pictures. Well, I’m […]

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Where we are…

It’s been about 2.5 months since Bo earned his wings. That is almost as long as we had with him post-amp. I don’t know where the time this year has gone. I think my brain is still stuck in April when Bo first started limping. ┬áBut, here we are in November…the weather is beautiful, the […]

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A Dog’s Purpose

After all that has happened with Bo, it has been made so clear to me that his life had an amazing purpose…to help me. I think that most animals are sent to us for a reason. They have a mission to complete, whether they know it or not, and when it is done, they are […]

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Shhhh….Monkeycat Belle here….Mom doesn’t know that I am on the computer. Mom is walking around the house saying, “Oh no! I can’t believe I didn’t know about Barney and the Monkeybutt’s!” Well, little does Mom know that Barney and I are actually on the same team. We were just making sure Mom thought we were […]

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Don’t Send a Tripawd to do a Monkeycat’s job…

Monkeycat Belle here…reporting for duty. Angel Bo gave me special directions before he left about how to take care of our pawrents. I’ve been doing a pretty good job at it too. He also gave me a heads up about this Barney guy…that it is my job to KILL him! Bo chewed him up pretty […]

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Barney Comes to Visit

Angel Bo here… My bud Chili Dawg sent stinky Barney to me to see if I could teach him a lesson. Well, before I got my paws on him, Mom had him sitting on the counter so she could read the rules…what was she thinking?! There are no rules with Barney…except to KILL him!!! Also, […]

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2 Months Already?!

Can it be? Has it really been 2 months–9 weeks–since Bo’s amputation? We are so proud of our boy and he got lots of extra special love and treats today. I must admit, though–Today was hard for me. I was so excited and happy with how far he has come, but then those prognosis numbers […]

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Super, Fantastic Weekend!

The real Bo is starting to show his true colors again! I have been greeted at the door for the past 5 days, which just melts my heart. This past weekend was wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of it. My sister came in to town Friday night and came by with my cousin to […]

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Test Results Are In…

I went in to the vet today to pick up some more of the magic canned food that gets Bo to eat and they told me that they received the test results from the University of Florida. This is my interpretation in layman’s terms: The cancerous mass has been diagnosed as osteosarcoma. All cancerous tumors […]

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